About Us

The St. Jude Thaddeus Personal Parish for the Filipino-Chinese started as a special mission for the migrants from the mainland China during the Cultural Revolution in 1949. 
Most Rev. Flaviano Ariola, the first Bishop of Legazpi, attended to this emerging pastoral by appointing Fr Vittorino Mosconi, an Italian Franciscan priest to be the chaplain of the Chinese Catholics in the Diocese of Legazpi, which included then the province of Catanduanes. 
The present church is built in a 298 square meter lot along Lapu-Lapu Street purchased by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Legazpi in the year 1958. In July 31, 1966, with Fr John Chang as the pastor, Bishop Ariola and Bishop Juan B. Velasco, the Vicar General for the Chinese in the Philippines, blessed and inaugurated the present church.
Within 50 years, the church has undergone many renovations. With the pastoral care of many priests and the cooperation of the Filipino-Chinese Catholic community, the special apostolate to the Chinese migrants expanded to the growing devotees of St. Jude Thaddeus who come to pray every Thursday.

Our Pastors

Rev. Fr. Paulo B. Barandon

Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Jonnathan L. Calleja

Parochial Vicar

Daughters of St. Jude Thaddeus